From the Selectmen

The Town-wide property revaluation has started. Our assessing agents have begun visiting all the properties in town in order to ascertain property values for use on our 2019 municipal tax bills. However, the next tax bill you will receive (November 2017) will be based on the old valuation.

Assessor Patrick Dowd has started with property visits on Bald Head Road and will work his way northward with some assistance from Bill Van Tuinen. From previous announcements, you may be aware that you are not required to allow them to enter your home for inspection. In such cases, they will make their best estimate based on available information. If you disagree with their findings, their estimate will stand unless you can provide evidence to the contrary. They are professionals, and we feel confident that you will enjoy working with them. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact a Select Board Member.

Here is an explanation of the upcoming town real estate revaluation.

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